American woman won $ 560 million and refused the prize

The winner of the American Powerball lottery, which won $ 560 million, refused to made her name public for the prize. This is reported by The Washington Post.

The woman intends through the court to obtain the right to anonymously collect the winnings. In court documents, she called herself Jane Doe - the traditional designation of authors of anonymous lawsuits.

Lucky woman fears that all of the residents of the city will know about her sudden wealth, including scammers and criminals.

"She wants to safely go for food and attend city events without people knowing about her multi-million win," the lawyer said.

At the same time, the newspaper notes that for the organizers of the lottery, the announcement of the winner, on the one hand, is a way to avoid fraud, and on the other - a powerful marketing move that popularizes the game among Americans. According to the laws of New Hampshire, the winner's name, city and amount must be published.

At the moment the woman has already signed a winning ticket, changing the signature will entail its cancellation.
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