Ronaldo reconciled with the "Real" and earned a salary increase

Real Madrid will offer Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo a new contract on improved financial conditions. This is reported by Marca.

It is noted that at the moment the annual salary of the striker with bonuses is 25 million euros. In the near future he will be offered to re-sign the agreement, according to which he will receive 30 million annually. Thus, his salary will come close to the amount earned by the Brazilian striker of Paris Saint-Germain Neymar.

The newspaper claims that Ronaldo talked with the creamy management and made it clear that he was not going to leave the team even if he did not receive a salary increase. He understands that now is not the best time to discuss a new contract.

In January, rumors about possible retirement of Ronaldo from Real Madrid intensified. Allegedly, the main candidates for him are PSG, as well as the English "Chelsea" and "Manchester United". A number of players of the "Royal Club" advocated that the Portuguese left Madrid, Ronaldo himself accused the partners of the team's recent failures.
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