Pizza was recognized as the most healthy breakfast

A healthy nutrition specialist from the United States recognized pizza as a more useful meal for breakfast than flakes. She told the reasons for her conclusions to The Independent.

"You will probably be surprised that the average piece of pizza and a bowl of cereal with milk contains the same number of calories," said registered and certified nutritionist Chelsey Amer. According to her, the whole thing is in the composition of the products. In flakes there is almost no protein and healthy fats, but too much sugar - up to half the daily norm for an adult.

"Pizza contains much more protein, so it will fill you with energy for the whole morning. It has more fat and much less sugar," Amer continues. However, a nutritionist notes that people are rarely limited to one slice of pizza, and this dish can not be called useful in any case.

However, British nutritionist Rianon Lambert disagreed with his colleague and noted that "the huge fat pizza ordered through the Internet is not the best choice for breakfast." According to her, whole-grain cereal flakes will be more useful than pizza. Nevertheless, if the Italian dish does not contain harmful additives, you can safely eat it for breakfast.
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