Football player was first bought for bitcoins

Turkish amateur football club "Harunustaspor" has acquired football player Omer Faruk Kiroglu for bitcoins. This is reported by USA Today.

According to a board member of the club Khaldun Sekhit, buying a player for crypto currency was the first in the history of football. "Harunustaspor" paid for Kiroglu 0.0524 bitcoins (547 dollars) and 540 dollars in cash.

Sekhit expressed his satisfaction with the transaction. "If God gives, bitcoin will bring us the championship," he said. "Harunustaspor" participates in the first division of the amateur league of Sakarya (the region in the northwest of Turkey).

In December 2017, the hockey club "Rangsted Sayer Capital" from the higher league of the championship of Denmark invited players to receive wages in the crypto currency. Bitcoin-billionaire Niklas Nikolasen became the main sponsor of the Danish team.

On January 31, the bitcoin rate fell below 10 thousand dollars. At the moment, it trades at the level of 10151.8 dollars per coin.
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