Australian government mistakenly sold old cabinets with state and military secrets

The Australian bought two second-hand cabinets in a furniture store in Canberra and found inside thousands of secret documents. This is reported by the Associated Press.

Cabinets got to the buyer at a discount, because they were locked, and no one could find the keys. The Australian removed the locks with a drill after buying.

The furniture was filled with documents of the Cabinet of Ministers of Australia. Almost all were accompanied by notes warning about this or that degree of secrecy, including "top secret".

Among other things, the documents were found out described Australia's intelligence and counter-terrorism plans, information about suspected militants and combat operations in Afghanistan, intelligence reports on neighboring states and the course of counter-terrorism operations.

The owner gave the find to the Australian ABC television channel. Journalists used the information contained in them in preparing the stories, which put in a negative light two former prime ministers and several members of parliament.

The Australian government began an urgent investigation of how the cabinets with secret documents were found in a furniture store.
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