Co-sleeping can be very dangerous

The British Department for Education has uncovered statistics on infant mortality from sleep with parents: an average of 133 children per year or three children per week die on average. This was reported by the The Independent newspaper.

Scientists have published statistics on the years: 141 babies died in the UK due to sleep with adults in 2017, 131 in 2016, 121 in 2015, 141 in 2014 and 131 in 2013.

Employee of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Baby Loss The Lullaby Trust, Francine Batesm, advises to take into account all the risk factors which carries a dream in one bed with the baby. "The chances of sudden death increase if at least one of the parents smokes, drank alcohol or took the drug before going to bed or just very tired. Also in the high-risk group are premature babies and small babies," she noted.

Representatives of the National Childbirth Trust advise to make sure that the child does not fall off the bed exactly during sleep, and the blanket does not cover his face. They categorically forbid sleeping with children on couches or armchairs. They also recommend always putting the child on his back and placing them so that their feet touch the edge of the bed or cradle.
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