"The Shining" will be continued

Director Mike Flanegan screens the novel by Stephen King "Doctor Sleep", telling about the adult life of Danny, son of Jack Torrance from the book "The Shining." This is reported by Deadline.

In the sequel, Danny fights against alcoholism and outbursts of rage - problems inherited from his father. In doing so, he tries to use the shining to benefit people. Danny meets with a young girl who has the same gift.

King released a novel-sequel to "The Shining" in 2013. The original book was published in 1977, and in 1980 it was filmed by Stanley Kubrick. The main roles in the film were played by Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall and Danny Lloyd. The "Shining" tells about a young teacher who, for the winter, arranges to work as a caretaker in a remote hotel, where he brings his family. The man begins to go slowly mad, meeting the ghosts that live in the hotel.

Mike Flanagan previously produced such horror films as "Gerald's Game", "Oculus", "Hush" and "Before I Wake".

In September 2017, the movie "It", based on the novel of the same name of King, became the most successful horror in the history of cinema.
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