Perch weighing 11 kilograms jumped into the hands of a surfer

The New Zealand fisherman caught an 11-kilograms perch with his bare hands while he was surfing. This is reported by the

Jayson Growcott noticed the beating fin when he sailed from the shore on the surf. At 60 meters from the man floundered a large perch with traces of shark teeth on the belly.

Growcott headed for the fish and wanted to dive after it, but the perch itself jumped on top of the board. Fisherman grabbed it by the tail and under the gills and quickly fastened it with a rope to the board. According to him, this was the moment as in the film "Crocodile Dundee."

On the shore it turned out that his trophy weighs 11 kilograms. Growcott argues that he spent thousands of hours with a fishing rod trying to catch a similar fish, but he never caught perches heavier than 4.5 kilograms. "In fact, I won the lottery," he says. "I do not think that this will ever happen to me again in this life."
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