Ronaldo quarreled with the "Real" and wants to be selled for 100 million

Cristiano Ronaldo is a person who is used to winning. He must be the first everywhere: in the team, in the championship, in the whole world. And in the last two years, the Portuguese really was at the top: he soloed at Real Madrid and took all sorts of personal rewards and did not hesitate to call himself the best in history. And suddenly the team decided to replace him. What could be the reaction of the capricious star? Naturally, he was offended by the whole royal suite in Madrid and wants now to Manchester - the team that made him the world's strongest football player. The Portuguese slowly aging and losing form, but two or three years to play at a high level is quite capable. Is it worth 100 million euros, which Ronaldo appreciated himself?

Conflict handsome

Ronaldo played in the "Real" for almost nine years. During this time, he quarreled with a dozen teammates, a couple of coaches and one power man - Florentino Perez, who brought him to Madrid. And all his conflicts arose on the fertile soil of the desire to be the best. He could not share the fans' attention with Gareth Bale, raged over Isco's goals in early November, and closer to the winter finally ruined the relationship even with the club's president.

The Spanish press vengeance out of Ronaldo from the "Real", which he allegedly resent. The Portuguese has already shared experiences with the partners and announced that he is waiting for an offer from Manchester United. Return to England, he is forced because of Perez, who, in the opinion of the Portuguese, deceived him. The fact is that in the summer the all-powerful president of Real tried to buy the striker of "Monaco" Kilian Mbagpe just to replace Cristiano. The 18-year-old Frenchman, one of the headliners of the 2016/2017 season, ultimately went to PSG, and Ronaldo remained at the heart of Real Madrid and is still struggling with a lame performance.

By the way, his conflict with Isco due to the fact that the Portuguese striker began to score indecently little. For a person who considers himself the best in the world, four goals in 14 matches of the championship is not the result at all. Isco has scored as much, but to fight with the enemy's goalkeepers  is not absolutely his profile.

Ronaldo in the standard configuration (which scores a lot) is ready to share the ball with partners. Ronaldo today (who scores a little) pulls the blanket over and does not bring results. This season, he dealt 84 hits on the opponents' goal, and only every 21st became accurate. Divide by 14 - we get six hits in each game. And four goals. Apparently, the naked selfishness of the Portuguese led to the ordinary performers of Madrid. In addition to the main opposition Isco, against Cristiano, Sergio Ramos, Marcos Asensio, Dani Seballos and Lucas Vazquez spoke. The mood of the team is now far from ideal: 19 points behind the leading Barca are a lot. And the insults of the main star of the Madrid court of recent years, the situation only aggravated.

For offended money asking

Now Ronaldo is determined to leave. For the transfer he asks no more than 100 million euros. He asks not from Manchester United or Chelsea, but from Real Madrid. The Portuguese wants the creamy management to sell him for that amount. In 2009, "Real" paid for Ronaldo, who was at the peak, even slightly less. And clubs are now ready to pay inadequately large sums on players, for which there is only a name. Matching the quality of the game of value - a question that in 2017 finally disappeared in the boiling cauldron of the transfer market.

Ronaldo is an icon and an endless source of money. His face is on the covers of magazines, on billboards, on YouTube videos. The Portuguese is literally everywhere. Any club that has bought him will repay a significant portion of the amount only by selling T-shirts. But what to do with the striker, who used to be in the spotlight, but does not score as much as before?

Perhaps this issue will have to be resolved by the Paris Saint-Germain management. In any case, it is the Parisian club with rich Qatari patrons who are called one of the contenders for Ronaldo. Moreover, the bosses of "Real" are ready to inflict a sensible blow on the self-esteem of the Portuguese and include him in the deal on Neymar. The most expensive player in the world every day with sadness puts on the PSG jersey and goes to fight for the victory in the championship, which he does not care. This is what the Madrid club is trying to do, and Ronaldo should become an additional motivation for the Parisians. Mbappe, who caused the conflict between Cristiano and Peres, will get the Portuguese to his partners, and the total amount of the surcharge for the Brazilian will reach 400 million euros.

In the queue for Neimar stood and Manchester United, because of which the transfer amount of the attacker could increase to 500 million euros. Five times cheaper than the team will pay for Ronaldo. At one time, the great Sir Alex Ferguson saw a future star in a pimply guy with spaghetti hair. Cristiano, in turn, considers Manchester a second home, and the coach - the second father. For the Portuguese, the option of returning to England is a priority, although Ferguson's place is empty for a long time, and at the helm of the team is the well-known Cristiano compatriot Jose Mourinho. Ronaldo knows the local championship well, he is remembered and loved in the city, despite the fact that so much time has passed.

But for nine years, changes have occurred not only on the coaching bridge. In the club there are no people with whom Ronaldo won the Champions League. Now seven players are claiming three places in the attack, each of whom is much younger than Cristiano. And the extra 30 million euros for the salary of the striker can break a hole in the budget, even for Manchester United, a club that rarely considers money for transfers.

The third contender for Ronaldo is likely to be Chelsea, but it's almost as difficult to imagine him in a blue T-shirt as Lionel Messi, who plays for example at Real Madrid. Aristocrats - one of the main rivals MJ, and their staff is not worse.

Before the World Cup-2018 in the life of Ronaldo certainly will not happen any shocks. His big family lives in Madrid. The place at the heart of "Real" to him is still provided. At least in the Champions League, Cristiano scored with enviable regularity. But in the coming summer, we are likely to expect a really loud transfer. Would Ronaldo want to shine a victorious smile in Europe or go to conquer new continents?

Catherine Stone
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