French parents will be sued for a son named Jihad

In France, a trial began in connection with the decision of a couple from the city of Toulouse to name their child as Jihad. This is on Monday, October 23, the BFM TV channel reported.

Babe was born on August 2, 2017. Parents of the newborn began to make out documents for him. The city authorities expressed their concern with the unusual name and decided to inform the main prosecutor's office about it.

According to Article 57 of the French Civil Code, parents can choose any name for their son or daughter, but it must be "in the best interests of the child." The mayor of the city is sure that in this case this rule is not observed, and in the future the name can create a lot of problems for the boy.

From Arabic, "jihad" translates as "effort, struggle." However, many imply this sacred war, which Muslims lead for the spread of Islam. As the French television channel notes, this is not the first time when parents want to name their son Jihad, but before the trial it came for the first time.
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What a strange name they choosed...